Safe connection from your vessel to the offshore structure

Offshore installation and service operations require the safe and efficient transport of personnel, equipment and utilities from floating vessels to wind turbine foundations, substations and other platforms. Our gangway, Sea-Link®, provides a safe and rapid transfer, which increases the operational window of an offshore operation.

Gangway between vessel and monopile


The Sea-Link® provides a safe and rapid transfer between a vessel and an offshore structure. Crew are able to cross it at any time via a direct connection, which guarantees a time-efficient operation. Utilities (electrical power, grout hydraulics, water and fuel) and cargo can also be transported safely over the Sea-Link®. The system incorporates active motion compensation of the tip facilitating a stabilised response to any of the vessel’s six degrees of freedom (6DoF).

Innovative access solutions

We have developed innovative access solutions in order to facilitate effective operations. By taking a holistic approach, we incorporated the following aspects in the design of Sea-Link®:

  • environmental conditions
  • vessel motions
  • dynamic positioning (DP) residual motions
  • gangway working limits
  • ergonomics
  • in-field routing
  • onboard logistics.

The result is a cutting-edge design, which is ideal for any service operation.

View inside gangway

A truly ‘stepless’ solution

One of the most limiting factors during an operation relates to people's safety. More specifically, the ability to let a vessel’s crew across the telescoping part of the gangway safely, whether it is individuals or crew operating cargo trolleys.


Unique intermediate platform

We can deliver the Sea-Link® with a unique intermediate platform. This reduces intermediate telescoping speeds and can even function as a ferry, which eliminates speed differences and results in a safe and truly stepless solution.

The intermediate platform can be used on smaller-sized ships and increases their capabilities, making them a feasible alternative to larger vessels equipped with traditional access systems.

Schematic drawing Gangway Sealink

Vessel system integration

We can integrate and interface control systems with:

  • a vessels structure (whether existing or newly built)
  • vessel power management systems (IHC Power+)
  • DP systems
  • onboard logistics
  • wind farm route planners
  • autonomous operations.

In this way, the power consumption of the gangway and the motion envelope can be matched (and monitored) according to specific vessel conditions. In addition, DP accuracy can be reduced by utilising full Sea-Link® motion capabilities and overall power consumption matched to individual requirements. As a result, wind farm service and maintenance strategies can be optimally supported and integrated, offering a truly smart solution.

Motion in control

Design tools

IHC Offshore Energy has developed an in-house software package that defines the most optimal access solution for your requirements. This is based on vessel characteristics and project-specific operational requirements, and provides useful output when evaluating:

  • combined vessel and access
  • system workability power consumption.
Gangway on vessel


We are able to offer a full package of services ranging from vessel design and build, through to delivery and operation, including:

  • extensive FMECAs
  • installation
  • commissioning
  • testing
  • offshore operation
  • (mobile) simulators to train operators.

Our time-domain analysis is based on vessel characteristics, including the vessel’s DP system and project-specific operational requirements, and provides useful output for evaluation.

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