Interconnector cable lay vessel

Interconnector HVDC power cables are used to distribute power between islands or countries over long distances. Therefore, Interconnector cable lay vessels require a large cable payload capacity, up to 15,000t or more.  Due to the deep water operations and large and heavy cables, special cable lay systems are required too. We design and deliver these solutions fully integrated into the vessel design, tailored to your requirements.

Efficiency and power

  • high cable lay speed
  • efficient ploughing capabilities
  • excellent seakeeping behavior
  • huge cable payload capacity, 10,000t – 20,000t.


  • different carousel solutions available
  • efficient cable installation
  • large cable drum engines, >100t
  • vertical laying solutions
  • bundling capability
  • LARS system for plough.

More information?

  • Luuk Koster


    Sales manager integrated vessels

cable lay vessel at wind farm

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