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Rigid reel lay systems are characterised by the requirement to straighten reeled rigid pipelines. This adds a layer of complexity above and beyond flexible pipe installation. Each of our integrated reel lay vessel is built to suit your requirements and is capable of deploying rigid and flexible pipelines. Equipment layouts are designed to maximise the efficiency of your offshore operations in order to maximise lay rates, and at the heart of each system lies a simple, safe and reliable control system.  

Reel Lay Vessel per back

Smart use of space

The integrated design facilitates compact dimensions by creative positioning of engine rooms and the main reel, efficient use of the superstructure, and low profile pipelay ramp. The smart use of space opens up a larger aft working deck, while the optimised mass distribution minimises the ballast water requirement. 

Vessel 7 Vega per top

Operational efficiency and flexibility

The design of the reel lay system focuses on operational efficiency and flexibility, alongside crew safety. It also enables the vessel to excel, both in transit and in DP conditions while providing maximum comfort for the crew. The twin tensioner pipelay ramp tilts to allow pipeline installation from shallow waters to depths of up to 3000m. The large multi-level workstation optimises the efficiency of operations in and around the firing line, whilst a fixed auxiliary reel, recessed into the main deck, provides payload flexibility. 

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