Overflow systems in short

Our overflow systems are designed to leave more weight available for the payload by draining excess water and limit the amount of turbulence in the hopper. With our Plumigator® overflow we have created an innovative solution for the reduction of the undesirable plume created around the vessel.

Why choose our overflow?

  • maximise the use of the hopper capacity
  • reduction of excessive maintenance cost
  • reduction of your vessel’s ecological impact by reduction of turbidity.
Plumigator overflow TSHDs

Maximise the use of the hopper capacity

Our overflow has a telescopic system that can set the overflow at different levels. The sliding inner part of the overflow can be raised or lowered to optimise the loading process and to maximise the use of the hopper capacity. Maximise the retention of solids, remove excess water from the hopper and creating a non-turbulent flow inside the hopper.

Plumigator overflow

Reduction of excessive maintenance cost

When air is released beneath the vessel a plume of air and fine soil particles appears. When the plume enters the intake of the pumps and auxiliary equipment, the performance and lifetime of these systems are affected.

Our Plumigator® overflow is successful in limiting the amount of air released beneath the vessel, offering a reduction of excessive maintenance cost of your TSHD. It also does that without have additional moving parts and actuators, further reducing maintenance costs.

Reduction of your vessel’s ecological impact

The problem of turbidity caused by the overflow process harms marine life. Our Plumigator® overflow reduces the impacted area beneath and around the vessel caused by the plume. Therefore, it enables you to work in a more environmentally friendly way, an important point of interest nowadays.

Plumigator® overflow in dredger

Retrofit your current overflow with a Plumigator®

Our Plumigator® overflow can be integrated with newly-built vessels. It can also be retrofitted to existing overflows.

More information?

Plumigator overflow

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