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Royal IHC: Ahead since 1642 

Our experience goes back to the mid-seventeenth century. Being Dutch we had to control the water in order to keep our feet dry. We learned how to deal with water, mud and currents, the basis of dredging as we know it today. Our experience goes back 300 years, but we look towards the future. We developed into a leading producer of vessels, equipment and full-services. 

Royal IHC vision and mission

Many of our customers, suppliers and shipyards are faced with various global challenges such as economic decline, climate change, and energy transition. These  global challenges, including realising sustainable​ development goals, will have major​ impact on the maritime industry. As Royal IHC we wish to contribute to a sustainable future. Royal IHC is determined to play a leading role in making the maritime industry more efficient and sustainable. 

Board of Royal IHC

Our board is responsible for the company’s strategy and policy, as well as supervising its day-to-day activities.  

Derk te Bokkel

Derk te Bokkel

Derk te Bokkel joined the Royal IHC board in April 2023 to work on a future-proof business plan and has most recently taken on the role of CEO from Jan-Pieter Klaver. His extensive career includes various roles at Stork, and the current position of chairman at TB&C.

Bert Jan ter Riet

Bert Jan ter Riet

Bert Jan ter Riet joined the Royal IHC board in March 2024. With Bert Jan, Royal IHC will have a COO with over 30 years of experience in the maritime sector. Together with Derk te Bokkel, Bert Jan will further develop Royal IHC’s new strategic direction.

Supervisory board Royal IHC

The supervisory board supervises the policies of the board of directors and the general course of affairs of the company and its enterprise. The supervisory board advises the board of directors and its supervision includes the effectiveness of the company's internal risk management and the integrity and quality of the financial reporting. Royal IHC's supervisory board consists of the following members: 

  • Mr. F.A. Verhoeven, Chairman
  • Mr. G. van de Rozenberg
  • Mr. J.H. Kamps
  • Mrs. B.I. Otto
  • Mr. R.N. van den Bergh

Contribute to society

At Royal IHC we like to transfer knowledge to future crafts(wo)men. That is why we offer various training courses for the youth in our own school. In addition, we believe it is important to contribute to society. We are happy to do so with our IHC Foundation.


Education: creating the maritime future  

We want to create the maritime future and offer clients innovative solutions. We therefore highly value education. In our TOC (Technisch Opleiding Centrum) we educate and train the crafts(wo)men of tomorrow. 

IHC Foundation

IHC Foundation

Working all over the world, means seeing the problems all over the world. With our IHC Foundation, we are committed to contributing to a better life for those in need. We share knowledge, resources and support initiatives with one goal in mind: making a difference.