Dredging vessels

From standard dredgers to custom-built dredging vessels, IHC Dredging is the market leader for designing and building innovative dredgers that are more sustainable and operationally efficient.

Dredging vessels: from standard to custom built

We design and build a variety of standardised and custom-built dredgers. These dredging vessels are capable of dredging various soil types and materials, such as silt and rock. Our wide range of dredger types, from trailing suction hopper dredgers and grab hoppers to cutter suction dredgers and wheel suction dredgers, ensures that we will always have a solution to your dredging job. Whether that be maintenance dredging, land reclamation or aggregate dredging. With our portfolio and knowledge we will always find the best fit for you.

Our integrated dredger solutions

Integrated solutions

At IHC Dredging we aim to deliver a totally integrated solution and we believe that designing, constructing and putting into operation the most efficient dredger is only possible in close collaboration with our customers. Key to our longstanding success is knowing the circumstances in which a dredging vessel will operate. 

Our integrated solutions

What sets IHC Dredging vessels apart?

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    Operational efficiency

    We have built thousands of dredging vessels and dredge installations over the years. Each one an improvement over the previous one.

    This has lead to the most efficient dredgers in the world and we keep improving. All our vessels have unrivalled efficiency and performance.

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    We have long been at the forefront of innovation. The past few years this innovation has focused itself on sustainable solutions.

    This has lead to the development of the Plumigator® overflow, eco pump controller and LNG and dual fuel powered vessels. Our vessels are therefore highly energy efficient and have a minimal impact on the environment.

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    Building on the quality and track record of IHC Dredging we have engineered our vessels to achieve the optimal return-on-investment. Our high quality vessels are supported by a vast service network.

    This provides you with a trouble free and reliable operation while keeping maintenance cost down. In combination with the exceptional operational efficiency you will experience an excellent return-on-investment.

Dredging projects we're proud of

Over the years we have had the privilege of building many incredible dredging vessels. These range from small cutter suction dredgers to the largest backhoe dredgers and trailing suction hopper dredgers. Below you’ll find a selection of projects we are proud of.

60 years Beaver

Celebrating 60 years of Beaver® dredgers

Back in 1963 we delivered our very first Beaver® dredging vessel. This year we will deliver the 1000th Beaver® CSD, and the design has been continuously improved using the latest technological developments, as well as taking into account feedback from our customers. All to further improve operational efficiency and sustainable performance.

Dredging vessel

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