Dynamic positioning / Dynamic Tracking

Certified system with several operational modes to automatically and accurately ensure vessels stay safely on position and/or on track

The DP/DT system automatically governs a vessel’s actuators – propellers, thrusters and rudders – and its power management system in order to efficiently utilise its DP/DT capability. The system’s behaviour is based on information from environmental sensors, adaptive hydromechanical models and sophisticated filtering.

  • Efficient, accurate and safe activity-based manoeuvring of vessels under operational conditions
  • Autopilot, independent joystick, Trailspeed Controller, and DP0, DP1 and DP2 systems on the same certified platform
  • Processing of external and ‘immeasurable’ external forces and variable inertia compensation
  • Seamless integration with vessel’s mission equipment automation
  • Intuitive keyboard and conning display designed in cooperation with experienced DP operators

Main features

  • Supports the operational requirements of TSHDs, FPSOs, jack-up vessels, OCVs, PLVs, DSVs and similar vessels.
  • Supports all types of actuators: FPP, CPP, azimuth and tunnel thrusters, and rudders.
  • Supports all types of drives: diesel-direct, electric, diesel-electric and hydraulic.
  • Reference systems: GPS, DGPS, gyro, wind sensors, MRU, USBL, SSBL, SBL, LBL, RADius, force sensors.
  • Seamless integration with PCS, TCS, PMS, VMS and/or mission equipment automation systems.
  • No need for prior hydromechanical study.
  • Exceptionally short commissioning time: plug-and-play and self-learning characteristics.
  • Complies with standard maritime body regulations.

Operational features

  • Transit, Sail Pilot, DT-Sail, Medium Pilot, DT-Medium, DT-Slow, DP Joystick Position Control, DP Auto modes. Optional DP-Follow and/or Anchor Assist mode for additional energy savings.
  • Optimal utilisation of workable windows, reduced fuel consumption, wear and downtime.
  • Ergonomic keyboard and conning display provide operator with peace of mind, and optimise safety.
  • Wireless remote control unit eliminates the need for DP wing consoles.
  • Smooth, easy, intuitive, individual and/or collective manual/automatic transition of actuators.
  • Built-in and/or optional offline simulator for DPO training support.
  • The only system in the world able to keep a dredging TSHD on predefined track and speed.

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