Screen towers in short

We offer offshore screening technology for the production of marine sand and gravel. Our screening towers are designed to achieve minimal wear, offer an excellent screening performance, and allow for easy maintenance in order to reduce downtime.

Why choose our equipment? 
  • extensive track record of designing screen towers
  • excellent knowledge of wear protection solutions
  • custom-built and standard range
  • active control system increases operational screening efficiency.
Gravel dredger DC Orisant with active screening system
Active screening system at DC Orisant
Two screen towers on the hopper dredger YED PRIOR
Two screen towers on YED PRIOR for optimal spreading

Extensive track record

At IHC Mining, we have a long track record in the design and delivery of various types of screen towers. We have a standard range that will fit on almost every vessel, and also designs complete integrated customised solutions in accordance with individual requirements.

Two revolving screen towers alongside the hopper for optimal spreading inside the hopper
Revolving screen towers under construction
Gravel dredger in action with screening and hopper loading of aggregates
DC Orisant in action with screening and loading of aggregates

Predictive software and active control

We have in-house software that can predict expected loading times of gravel dredgers based on the type of screen tower, characteristics of dredged material and production capacity. Based on these parameters, we can provide support in selecting the appropriate screen type and screen deck, optimal screen tilting angles and wear protection materials.

More information?

DC Orisant with largest offshore screening system

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