Dry mining slurrification units in short

The Dry Mining Slurrification Unit (DMSU) is intended to uplift, screen and slurrify mineral sands or alluvial sands deposits. Alternatively, the unit can be used to uplift, disintegrate and slurrify dry tailings materials, in the reclamation of tailings deposits.

The DMSU has a production range of up to 1500 tph throughput. Offering a high volume, with superior reliability and mobile slurrification solution, the DMSU can be readily customised to suit a client’s mineral body and throughput expectations.

Why choose our equipment? 
  • reduced water and power consumption, increasing ROM delivery efficiency and sustainability
  • suitable for high throughput applications
  • skid mounted, allowing for ease of plant relocation
  • flexible skid configurations and multiple material feed points to optimise operations
Slurrification unit - the ROM skid
Run Of Mine (ROM) skid
Slurrification unit - the feed skid
Feed skid

The equipment

ROM skid
Front End Loaders (FEL) will supply the Run of Mine (ROM) skid with the mined material. An inclined static grizzly screens out all tramp material, while the rest of the material pass through and collects in the ROM hopper. A belt feeder withdraws the material from the ROM hopper and deposits it at a controlled rate onto the feed skid.

Feed skid
The feed skid receives material from the ROM skid and conveys it to the slurry skid. The inclination of the feed skid conveyor can be reduced from 16° to 7° to lower the COG for safe and easy relocation around the mining site.

Slurry skid
Material is received from the feed skid and screened to the client’s process requirements. Jetting nozzles slurrify the screened product to the optimal slurry density for hydraulic transportation via the slurry pump to the processing plant, thereby minimising the overall water and power consumption.

Oversize skid
Oversize material is received from the slurry skid, conveyed and discharged onto the stockpile of oversize material. The inclination of the oversize skid conveyor can be reduced from 16° to 7° to lower the COG for safe and easy relocation around the mining site.

Power skid
The power skid contains electrical and electronic equipment to power, monitor and control all the DMSU equipment. Termination panels on all the skids and lugged cables allow the operators to easily disconnect and reconnect the skids. The power skid also communicates all critical process variables and receives remote input from the client's central control room.

Slurrification unit - the slurry skid
Slurry skid
Slurrification unit - the oversize skid
Oversize skid

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Slurrification unit - the total set up

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