The tailings slurrification unit in short

Our Tailings Slurrification Unit (TSU) is a semi-mobile unit responsible for tailings oversize removal, temporary storage, slurry generation (slurrification) and slurry discharge to the destination site.

The TSU can be fed by a conventional excavator or front-end loader and transports tailings over large distances efficiently. The TSU is capable of transporting 125 - 250m3/h of in situ tailings by means of low OPEX slurry transport.

Why choose our equipment? 
  • increased operational safety - remotely controlled systems, so no personnel needed in the dams
  • lower cost per tonne - compared to truck and shovel
  • minimal downtime and lower risk - due to automatic pump control system
  • low carbon footprint - fully electrically driven
  • modular and easy transportable design.
The tiltable grizzly screen of the IHC TSU. The screen (75mm aperture) covers the slurrification bin to screen off oversize and protect the pump from blockage.
Tiltable grizzly screen of the TSU
A TSU being fed by an excavator
TSU being fed by an excavator

Options tailored for every operation

Tailings can be re-handled using conventional dry mining equipment, such as trucks and excavators. However, climate change and the need for environmentally responsible, cost-effective, high-production and efficient methods to transport material place great demands on the mining industry. 

By using slurry pipeline transport instead of a large, diesel-powered truck fleet, this increases operational safety, reduces the costs per tonne and adds to the reduction of the carbon footprint tremendously. This can be enhanced even further when using a completely electrified slurrification unit.

The container-sized and modular design of the TSU makes it very suitable to customise to meet specific project needs and (environmental) conditions. Next to that, the undercarriage of the TSU can be customised to suit specific operational environments. Examples are: 

  • sliding skid with pull bar
  • steel tracks
  • amphibious tracks
A picture of a TSU, installed on a track system to ease mobility as an alternative to the more standard skid mounted design.
TSU on tracks

Remote controlled operation

The TSU can be fully remotely controlled, thereby improving operational excellence and lowering the costs, but also limiting the need for personnel on site, which adds to health and safety.


  • PLC based automation & control system
  • vibrations measurement & control
  • monitoring slurrification process
  • hydraulic transportation system control
  • remote controlled operation possible

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The TSU can be fed by a conventional excavator or front-end loader

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