The Netherlands Ministry of Defence (MOD) has selected Naval Group to enter the next phase in the selection process for the Submarine Replacement programme.

Naval Group honored to be selected by the Netherlands MOD
On December 13th 2019, the Netherlands MOD announced that three parties are invited to enter the next phase of the Netherlands Submarine Replacement programme. Naval Group is thankful to be one of the designers selected for this strategic programme.

Naval Group looks forward to entering an in-depth technical cooperation with DMO to conduct this joint-design phase in close association with the involved stakeholders. The Group strongly believes that the envisaged operational profile is very much in line with the mission capabilities of the conventionally powered Barracuda family submarine.

Naval Group thankfully acknowledges this new phase, which will allow the joint in-depth design process to be translated into a full industrial solution, optimising operational and technical capabilities through the long-term involvement of the Dutch maritime ecosystem.

Naval Group and Royal IHC ready for future industrial steps
With a proven track-record of knowledge sharing and industrial cooperation, Naval Group has already been honored to form a strong partnership with Royal IHC, a company specialised in complex systems integration and subsea systems. The Group is thankful for Royal IHC’s trust in its submarine design and knowledge sharing capacities. To reinforce this existing bond, numerous industrial partners and knowledge institutes will be closely associated and consulted at every major design decision point to make sure that the future submarine programme builds up and maintains full Dutch autonomy over the complete submarine lifecycle.

Dave Vander Heyde, CEO Royal IHC: “Building a large Dutch submarine alliance with industry and knowledge institutes in the Netherlands is essential for strengthening the Netherlands Defense Technology & Industrial base. By transferring Naval Group's knowledge to MOD, Royal IHC and other partners, the Netherlands will be able to carry out its core tasks autonomously. We look forward to further intensifying our cooperation with Naval Group, and invite other Dutch companies to join!”

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