Royal IHC has been awarded a contract by Dana Petroleum for the supply of a direct offloading system. The system will consist of a hose reel complete with a spooling device and a hydraulic power unit.

The equipment will be placed onto the F2-A-Hanze platform which is located in the Dutch sector of the North Sea. The F2-A-Hanze is a gravity-based production facility for oil and gas. The equipment will be delivered in 2021 ready for installation and commissioning onboard the F2-A Hanze Platform in Q3.

The innovative design of the Royal IHC offloading system will deliver a more cost-effective offloading solution, reducing downtime and the need for subsea (DSV) interventions.

Royal IHC has a proven track record in the delivery of over 20 turn-key systems of this type worldwide, all of which have been designed and built to ensure maximum safety, performance and reliability.

Offshore and dredging vessels

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