Robust and well-designed

We offer a wide range of Cable drum engines or CDEs, which can be hydraulically or electrically driven and can be offered in a range of diameters to suit individual specifications.

  • hydraulic or electric drive
  • top or bottom loading
  • fleeting knives and floating flanges available
  • automatic synchronisation with the DOHB
  • constant tension, manual, render and auto lay modes
  • pitch compensated load sensing

Cable drum engines are used for both laying and retrieving cable and handling the grapnel during cable repair operations. They can pass cable, chain and rope and repeaters and make use of the capstan effect to enable them to generate loads in the 30 to 40 tonne range.

    Typically CDEs are supplied with DOHBs which are electronically synchronised to operate as a pair. Cable diverters can also be supplied which guide the cable onto the drum on the high tension side.

    Our cable drum engine focuses on robustness and simplicity of design, which enables safe operation and low maintenance throughout its life cycle. It can also be enhanced to include additional customer- and vessel-specific features. Our specialists can advise about the best CDE for your operations.

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