J-Lay systems for diameters up to 36”

We offer fully integrated vessels, or standalone equipment, according to your wishes. Since the vessel is not required to return to port to resupply, they are often deployed for laying rigid pipe lines in deeper water and  remote locations. We have a track record of J-Lay systems for rigid pipes of diameters up to 36”. 

Why choose our J-Lay towers?

  • We work in close collaboration with you to establish the main drivers for your mission.
  • The layouts of multi-joint pipe facility are designed efficiently, to minimise personnel required to operate.
  • We provide a patented compact lay tower, designed to minimise impact on vessel stability.
  • We offer fully integrated vessel as well as standalone equipment, according to your wishes.

Technical details

Pipe joints of 12m are pre-assembled into groups of four (quad) or six (hex) in a multi-joint facility, before being upended into the tower and deployed to the sea bed. End terminations and manifolds can be attached to the pipe line using the dedicated handling system, and lowered to the sea bed.

  • Multi-joint pipe facility, for pre-assembling pipe joints
  • pipelay tower
  • loading arm, for elevating the pipe joint into the tower and aligning it with outboard pipe for welding
  • workstations, for welding, testing and coating the pipe joint prior to deployment and for attaching pipe line accessories
  • friction clamps for holding on to the pipe line and lowering to the sea bed
  • PLET handling system, for inserting large structures in to the tower, and aligning with the pipe line for welding
  • abandonment and recovery (A&R) System, for lowering completed pipe line to the sea bed
  • automated pipe tracking.

More information?

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