Flexible pipes of diameters up to 20”

We provide reel lay systems for rigid and flexible pipes of diameters up to 20”, allowing fast operations and suitable for operation in shallow to deep water.

Close collaboration to suit your requirements

  • we work in close collaboration with you to establish your main drivers for your mission, and develop a system to suit your requirements 
  • our in-house analytical tools enable us to design your system in accordance with latest standards
  • a functional safety process ensures the integrity of control systems.

Technical Details

Pipe “stalks” are pre-assembled at a spooling base on land, before being spooled on to the storage reel(s) on the vessel. The vessel then transits to the field and the pipe line is straightened before being lowered to the sea bed. Pipe line end terminations and manifolds can be installed using the dedicated PLET handling system, and piggyback lines installed attached to the main pipeline. 

  • horizontal axis reels, suitable for storing up to 5000t of product

  • aligner wheel and tracked straightener for straightening the pipe and guiding into the tensioners

  • inclinable lay tower for laying pipe in shallow to deep water 

  • tracked tensioners for holding the pipe and lowering to the sea bed, suitable for rigid and flexible pipe

  • workstations, for welding, testing and coating the pipe joint prior to deployment and for attaching pipe line accessories 

  • PLET handling system, for inserting large structures in to the tower, and aligning with the pipe line for welding

  • abandonment and recovery (A&R) System, for lowering completed pipe line to the sea bed

  • piggyback system for laying two products simultaneously.

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