Higly efficient S-lay systems

S-Lay systems are used to lay rigid pipe with diameters up to 70”. Pipe joints are welded together onboard the vessel in a horizontal production line and the pipe is guided to the seabed by means of a stinger attached to  the stern of the vessel or barge. 

We design and deliver complete SAS® S-Lay pipelaying systems for shallow to ultra-deep water.  


  • high quality systems with high uptime guaranteed 

  • robust and maintenance-friendly design 

  • fully automatic tension transfer between tensioner and winch 

  • sophisticated control system developed in-house 

  • both horizontal and vertical designs available.

s-lay system on board vessel
s-lay system back of vessel
s-lay system inside vessel

Our pipe laying systems include a sophisticated control interface that enables safe and efficient operation. By creating autonomous pipe movements throughout the system the amount of people on board can be drastically reduced. By using state of the art pipe tracking methods we are able to register and log the pipestring exact assembly sequence and composition.  

Large systems incorporate advanced pipe handling equipment such as line up tools, pipe elevators, transfer vehicles, overhead pipe grabbers. Each with sophisticated controls to allow synchronized movement of up to hex join pipe lengths. 

An S-Lay system normally comprises 2-track tensioners, an A&R (traction) winch system, pipe handling equipment and a stinger.  

Proven track record in the supply of S-Lay systems

  • highly autonomous pipe handling equipment to reduce people on board 
  • we work in close collaboration with you to establish your main drivers for your mission, and develop a system to suit
  • our in-house analytical tools enable us to design your system in accordance with latest standards
  • a functional safety process ensures the integrity of control systems
  • we provide support from start to after sales. Our services include 24/7 support, feasibility studies, life cycle engineering and remote condition monitoring.

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