Carousels for power cables

Carousels are static or rotating structures used to store and handle cable on or offshore. We design and build offshore carousels incorporating innovative technology for the safe, reliable, rapid spooling and storage of power cables with payloads from 500 tonnes to 10,000 tonnes.

Maximum productivity and minimum downtime


Our carousels are designed to ensure maximum productivity and minimum downtime. Innovative features such as compliant roller mountings, adjustable core diameters and hydraulically adjustable roof positions ensure Royal IHC carousels operate in all weather conditions.

The hydraulic support roller system increases uptime, decreases vessel interface loads and improves system reliability. Safe and efficient operations are achieved through the use of an integrated control and monitoring system.

Static cable tanks

Static cable tanks are an ideal solution for storing or transporting lengths of cable and are suitable for onshore and offshore use, and with fibre optic and power cable. These tanks can be loaded from above using a powered quadrant or loader arm with a large drop height. Alternatively, these can be rotated during loading and unloading using a self-propelled modular transport system (SPMT) for cables which require coiling in this way. These tanks can be used for the storage of multiple different cable types through the application of partition walls to divide the storage volumes.

  • low cost
  • low maintenance
  • adjustable or permanent partitions
  • integrated lifting eyes for handling
  • 100t to 5,000t typical capacity.
Onshore Spare Cable Storage carousel

Onshore spare cable storage carousels

In order to maximise the uptime of an offshore wind farm, it is often desired to store of a spare length of cable, typically 1-2km, for the duration of the project life cycle, typically 25 years, for quick, cost-effective repairs of key cables.

    Our onshore spare cable storage carousels are a simple cost effective way to store and protect these cables for this period due to the following key features. A central slew ring with cantilevered floor members minimises part count, reducing the maintenance cost, and ensuring the carousel is ready to unload when needed.

    • integrated lift points¬†
    • plated or open walls available
    • 40t to 200t typical cable capacity.

    Cable lay carousels

    Cable lay carousels are permanently installed, deck mounted or underdeck carousels which store cable for use during cable lay operations. When laying power cable, these typically rotate to minimise stresses on cable, whereas for fibre optic lay, they can remain static. These carousels are designed with a load spreading grillage to suit the intended vessel to help reduce the modifications required to the deck.

    • 1,000t to 10,000t typical cable capacity
    • adjustable or permanent partitions
    • variable rotation speed for smooth lay speed
    • plated or open walls available
    • fixed or hydraulic rollers available.

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