Trenching with a single tool

We have been providing trenching equipment for over 20 years to support your cable protection requirements. The combi-tool℗ systems combine jetting and chain cutting technology to incorporate the latest technology.  The ability to cover trenching of a wide range of materials from soft mud to rock with a single tool allows for continuous trenching without tooling transitions.

Power and efficiency

Since the combi-tool seamlessly transfers between cutting modes the overlap of tool choice is no longer required. The jetter needs only to cope with 75kpa soil and not 150kpa soil which has a marked effect on the power required to be installed on the vehicle. 

The chain cutter does not need to cope with anything less than 75kpa clay and hence the pick and transportation paddles can be configured appropriately.

Since the combi-tool can trench in the full range of soils the only consideration is that of vehicle bearing capacity, in very weak soil conditions additional buoyancy may be required.


Water depth rating

2,000 metres


Trenching speed

up to 1,000m/hr


Cable size range

ø10-300mm diameter cable, including bundled cables


Many customers have specific requirements for which we are able to supply optimal solutions upon request


Patented features

  • patented combined jetting and mechanical cutting ensuring extended tool life
  • patented jetting system optimising power and performance
  • patented anti-cavitation system allowing ultra-shallow water use
  • patented eduction system preventing blockage
  • patented depressor system allowing tight turning radii and variable depth operation.

Product support

Our commitment to you does not stop with the supply of your equipment. We are here to maximise our customers operational performance with a 24/7 operational and technical assistance service.

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