Multi-pass trenching

The Royal IHC jet sleds are designed for pipeline or cable burial in shallow water. They use high-pressure, surface-fed water through jetting nozzles to fluidise the seabed and allow product burial.

An eduction system on board the sled removes material from the trench once fluidisation has occurred. Depth control is achieved using hydraulic actuation of the swords. The sled is a multi-pass tool that facilitates ongoing operations until the required burial depth is achieved. It is deployable using a crane, allowing mobilisation on a range of vessels. 

We offer both ‘pipe riding’ and ‘self-supporting’ jet sleds.  

  • suitable for a variety of products 
  • capable of burials in deeper water 
  • deployable by vessel crane 
  • can be supplied with on board subsea jetting pumps.




Water Depth 

Surface Fed System: 0m to 80m 

Onboard Jetting: Up to 1500m 

Trench Depth 

Pipe Riding Skid: 1.5m 

Self-Supporting: 6m 

Jetting Pressure 

Maximum 14bar 

Jetting Power 


Soil Strength 

Minimal skid sinkage in all sand and soft clay condition 


Passive inline water jet pump for each each jetting leg. Eduction from trench bottom to above outer skid positions. 

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