Robust winches for even the toughest applications

Our bespoke offshore winches are suitable for applications such as:

  • abandonment & recovery (single drum & traction winch solutions)
  • deepwater lowering with or without an active or passive heave system
  • anchor handling
  • towing
  • operation support (amongst others tugger / initiation / spooling).

Designed to optimise your operations

We have a reliable track record of winches, designed and built to maximise your operations

  • winches can be delivered stand alone or as part of an integrated system
  • winches are bespoke so all your requirements can be taken into account
  • global presence for life time after sales support
  • environmentally  friendly drive systems with active front end allowing energy generated by lowering to be re-used for other electrical applications on-board
  • all controls developed & tested in-house minimising commissioning time on-board.
100t abandonment and recovery winch

Functionality first

Functionality is key to Royal IHC’s winch designs. Our long history in the dredging and offshore industries means we know how to design a winch that is fit for the intended purpose. Standard features and options include: single drums, waterfalls, traction and storage, pre-tension wire rope spooling, constant tension and torque, active or passive heave compensation, single- or multi-layers and electric or hydraulic power control systems. Royal IHC winches comply with the latest rules and regulations.

500mT Traction winch

Traction winches

We are market leader for the supply of traction winches. These winches have been mainly used for abandonment or recovery of pipes and cables on the seabed. 

Greater water depths have led to an increase in top tension requirements, larger A&R winch systems, and longer cable lengths. Traction and storage winches have a relatively compact design, and are extremely reliable and smooth for the wire rope to safeguard the continuity of operations.

Active Heave system

Heave compensated deepwater lowering systems

Our expertise in active / passive heave compensation systems enables us to provide you with complete deepwater lowering systems. A heave compensated hoisting system allows the heavy-lift vessel to perform more installation jobs each year, maximising return on asset investment. Compensation can be directly on the winch drives itself or with an inline system.


  • capacities up to 1000 ton
  • single drum or traction type
  • suitable for steel-wire or fibre rope
  • electric or hydraulic driven
  • available with or without spooling devices
  • compliant with latest rules and regulations.

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