The current tendency in the offshore market to install heavier installations, in deeper and more difficult conditions, results typically in the development of larger vessels and mission equipment. With high installation and maintenance costs as a consequence. As suppliers of sophisticated installation equipment for offshore field development, we’ve come to realise that bigger isn’t necessarily better. So instead of making things bigger, we looked at making the subsea systems and pipelines, that our equipment installs, lighter and easier to service.  

Subsea processing is being proven by the industry as the route to increased production efficiency and is used as an enabler for brownfield development and longer distance tie-backs. However subsea processing systems are large and heavy while being placed subsea, making them costly to install and maintain. Therefore we teamed up with Frames, a specialist manufacturer of oil and gas process equipment, and developed a compact subsea separation system. 

The system uses Frames’ SwirlSep inline separator, which is compact, controllable and able to handle changes in flow rate. Originally developed for use above sea level, the SwirlSep technology significantly reduces the size of subsea separator units, making them easier to install on the seabed than conventional units.

Our colleagues at IHC Concept, who specialise in the design and engineering of subsea production equipment, have packaged this proven technology in a compact and lightweight system. Designed with redundancy and easy intervention in mind, it consists of a template, which carries the foundation structure and two modules each containing a SwirlSep assembly.

The modules of the subsea separation system can be easily removed and serviced individually, allowing for system redundancy. They can also be lifted through light construction vessel moon pools for easy maintenance. The system also uses diverless connections for easy installation and operational maintenance. 

Together with  IHC Concept and Frames, we’ve created a subsea package that guarantees operators easy installation, high levels of availability and a long life expectancy.  This is how we like to do things: with our own expertise and collaboration within the industry, we solve the challenges our customers- and their clients- are facing.

Written by

Daan Uiterwaal
Market Analyst

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