Royal IHC is the technology innovator. We achieve this because the problems of today and tomorrow can only be solved through the continuous improvement of our solutions, products and services – and because we admire technology and love innovating. But every innovator needs inspiration from the outside. This inspiration can come from the customer who needs a special piece of equipment to handle a new challenge in his operation, a fellow business unit that needs help to design, build and test a prototype, or a bright idea from the academic world.

A lot of knowledge and experience exists within Royal IHC. This enables us to develop solutions for the markets that we are active in. However, in order to be innovative, one must think outside the box . Thoughts and ideas must also come from the outside. That’s why we are working closely with technical universities, businesses in our supply chain, technical research institutes, engineering consultants, governments and start-ups. Their expertise and creativity is indispensable to give shape to new ideas.

With our own production facilities, and extensive experience in the fields that we operate in, we are leading the way and represent a reliable partner for any of business collaborations. We give businesses, universities and other authorities the opportunity to contribute to the development of Royal IHC’s unique and attractive solutions. 
We are searching for partnerships and collaborations in the following fields:

  • technical scientific research
  • environmental studies
  • sharing facilities
  • the development of new technologies and products.

If you see any opportunities for your business, then please get in touch with Royal IHC.

Written by

Rodney Norman
Former director marine mining

Vessel at Sea visual offshore energy

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