Remote customer support to allow you quick access to our support desk, through low bandwidth and from anywhere in the world, for visual digital assistance.

Maintaining the operational uptime of your vessel is part of what you look for in a service partner. To maximise the productivity, it is crucial that any issue is resolved as fast as possible, and inspections don’t interfere with everyday performance. With our remote virtual assistance, you have direct access to experienced customer support engineers who have access to technical information, documentation or advice from technical authorities.

Our expert guides your on-site engineer through all the handling steps of troubleshooting, to resolve any issue. Visual directions, annotations and screen sharing make remote guidance possible. Through direct insights into the situation at hand, our support is faster, easier and better the first time. By eliminating the waiting time, you reduce your operational costs, CO2 emissions, and on-site interventions.

Travel is reserved for the times that require a hybrid approach. With added benefit that when a service engineer needs to fly in, they are familiar with situations on site, immediately bring the needed parts and equipment and spend less time on board, for higher first-time right solutions.

Customer benefits

  • real time support, direct access to specialist engineers
  • light connection availability anywhere in the world
  • reduced downtime
  • faster trouble shooting
  • visual inspections performed remotely
  • step by step guidance during maintenance and repair
  • digital recording of case history
  • low setup costs
  • direct and quick access to documentation
  • work plan execution report.

More information?

Vessel at sea in windfarm with digital path

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