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Offshore vessel designs

Comprehensive vessel design services tailored to diverse needs

We offer a wide range of services in vessel design, providing integrated and bespoke solutions tailored to unique requirements. Our expertise covers concept, basic, and detailed design, including mission equipment integration and conversions across industries and fuel options. These services are complemented by specialised offerings such as project and construction management.

Offshore vessels designs: integrated perfection from bow to stern

We design vessels with the intended mission and people at heart, so they can do their jobs as safely and efficiently as possible.

With decades of experience in the maritime and offshore industry, our vessels are designed with maximum efficiency in mind. In our line of offshore vessels, we transform your functional requirements into optimal performance with contemporary, safe and comfortable Dutch design.

The starting point is to create a home away from home for your crew, in a high-tech environment. We design vessels with the intended mission and people in mind, so they can do their jobs as safely and efficiently as possible.

offshore vessel partly transparent showing design lines on hull
Optimised hull design

Proven optimised hull design

The proven hull lines have developed over the past 20 years and have resulted in a series of successful offshore vessels in operation worldwide. The hull is optimised using both CFD tools and model testing to accomplish low resistance during transit, while still having excellent sea- and station-keeping capabilities.

Key elements

To ensure a vessel with high workability, four elements are key in all our designs:

  • enhanced safety
  • integrated design
  • operational efficiency
  • comfort.
Icon for safety
Enhanced safety

Enhanced safety

Safety is of paramount importance in the maritime industry. Therefore, we carefully designed and engineered every single aspect of our offshore vessels – from the functional process and mission equipment down to the smallest detail of the control stations – to ensure the highest levels of safety. The hull shape of our offshore vessels evolved to ensure safe operations in even the most severe conditions because of its carefully optimized and balanced design.

To enhance safety on board, transparency and clear routing are main points in the layout of our offshore vessels. Different functional areas are separated and marked by colours and signage, while the central transparent casing connects both worlds.

Icon of a chain representing integration
Integrated design

Integrated design

Form follows function. A philosophy we stand by when it comes to the design of our offshore vessels.  This unique approach leads to vessels in which technology and design have merged; we like to call it, designing with a purpose or integrated perfection from bow to stern.

icon of wheel representing operational efficiency
Operational efficiency

Operational efficiency

Building from decades of experience in the maritime & offshore industry, our range of offshore vessels is sure to outperform and outlast your expectations, giving you the advantage you need to excel. Every single detail is designed with maximum efficiency in mind. From the integration of mission equipment and control systems to the optimisation of all control stations, our offshore vessels get the job done safer, faster and better.

icon of person in comfortable chair
Crew comfort


We take the crew experience as input and design with a clear purpose. This is why all of our offshore vessels are specifically designed to feel like a second home to the crew. While also creating space to sit back, relax and enjoy a private moment, from the gym to the recreational area and from the galley to the private quarters, every part feels welcoming and enhances contact between crewmembers, boosting pride and team spirit.

artist impression of staircase on specific deck
Transparent staircase
artist impression of comfortable recreation area on board
Comfortable recreation deck
Artist impression of private quarter with bed
Private quarters for crew
Artist impression of private quarter with desk and comfortable chair
Comfortable private quarters crew
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