Young IHC

Young IHC

Kickstart your career.

Kickstart your career

Recently graduated and starting your career with us? Then we have something really special to offer you: Young IHC. This community offers special activities tailored to the young graduates  (under 35 yrs of age) within our organisation. During various activities, you will be offered the opportunity to learn more about our company and the people at its various departments in an informal setting. 

Activities are split into three themes:    

For our ‘business’ theme, we regularly organise excursions to one of Royal IHC’s departments. We often combine a visit with a workshop on new developments or a current issue within the department. Part of the programme also comprises excursions to customers and suppliers.  

In order to generate debate with colleagues from other parts about different subjects, we organise various courses and presentations under the theme of ‘knowledge’. They do not always have a direct link with your daily work duties, but the knowledge and experience you gain during these events will always come in handy.  

Under the ‘social’ theme, we organise various social activities, such as drinks, a barbecue or a sporting event. On these occasions, you will have the opportunity to catch up with colleagues – and meet new ones!