Worldwide support for optimising time at sea

Our aim is to optimise the time at sea of your navy vessels and equipment, ensuring optimum levels of availability and reduced total costs of ownership. We support you worldwide to keep your vessels and equipment up and running under all operational conditions. We help increase availability of your navy assets by providing maintenance support, repairs and docking management and parts and logistics.

Mechanic inside vessel doing maintenance
Service engineer for efficient maintenance

Maintenance support

Efficient and effective maintenance is essential for keeping your navy vessel performing at its best. We are able to support your preventive maintenance needs through our planned maintenance system, condition surveys and monitoring. We can also provide you with a Royal IHC service engineer, who acts as your technical assistant for technical advice and (planned) maintenance support.

Warehouse filled with racks with spareparts for vessels
Spare parts in stock

Parts and logistic

We supply spare parts and the required logistics. Spare part contracts provide you with guaranteed availability and delivery times to optimise your supply chain and help prevent unnecessary downtime. Our specialists can also assist with obsolescence management. 

HNLMS Groningen in dock view of aft of the vessel
Patrol vessel HNLMS Groningen in dock for maintenance

Docking management and repair

Repairs, class inspections, intake surveys and docking management are performed by our qualified specialists with extensive OEM knowledge and expertise in life-cycle solutions. We can supervise the execution of a total docking programme, including logistic and engineering support. 

HNLMS Groningen leaving dock after maintenance

Side view of HNLMS Groningen in dock

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