Booster station in short

Adding extra pumping power can significantly help to improve the slurry transport when pumping over longer distances. This can be achieved by using a standard self-supporting containerised booster station, a separate additional high efficiency slurry pump placed along the discharge line.

Why choose our booster station?

  • proven pump technology
  • flexible to deploy and easy transport
  • identical spare parts for dredger and booster
  • local and remote controlled and monitoring process
  • sound proof to reduce the environmental impact.

Proven pump technology

The booster stations are equipped with our Cutter Special® pump to combine high efficiency with a large ball passage. This way, the booster station provides you with a high level of availability and a low fuel consumption and wear.

Booster station lifting

Flexible to deploy and easy transport

The full self-supporting booster station can be used on and off-shore with air cooling, integrated fuel tank and no-flush pump seal (no additional water required). The booster can be transported as a 20’ high cube offshore container. Certified according ISO 1496 and CSC (Container Safety Convention) for container shipping, and according to DNV 2.7-1 and EN 12079 for offshore transport and lifting.


Identical spare parts for dredger and booster station

Identical wear and maintenance parts in our dredgers and booster stations reduce the required number of spare parts.  Reduces operational cost and increases availability.

Local and remote controlled and process monitoring

The local and remote controlled booster station enables you to operate the booster with less manpower and process monitoring.

Container booster transport

Sound proof to reduce the environmental impact

Our standard booster stations are placed inside the container to reduce the engine sound and catches any waste of environmental contaminants.

The right booster station for your project

When choosing a booster station, selecting the right combination of engine and pump is essential. We can help you with this choice and deliver the right booster for your project.

Booster station 895kW chart

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