Dredge pumps in short

Dredge pumps or slurry pumps lie at the heart of the dredging challenge. Capacity, power, wear resistance and a robust and reliable construction are essential features for a dredge pump. We produce a full range of dredge pumps to suit all needs for the transportation of any kind of abrasive slurry. 

Why choose our dredge pumps?

  • hydraulic design optimized for all dredging and slurry operations
  • Curve® technology for lifetime and production increase
  • full range of pump types and size
  • robust and reliable construction
  • custom-built design for specific needs.
Slurry pump computational fluid dynamics

Hydraulic design optimised for all dredging and slurry operations

The hydraulic design of our dredge pumps have been analysed with Computational Fluid Dynamics and optimized with dredging and slurry operation in mind. The design is further fine-tuned to reduce local wear effects.

Dredge pumps with Curve® technology

For lifetime and production increase

With our unique Curve® technology the lifespan of impellers will increase and the performance of curve impellers will keep its high performance and production throughout its lifespan. Curve impellers are fully backwards compatible and can be used without changing anything to the pump construction. Any slurry pump can be furnished with a curve impeller, no matter size, age or type.

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Full range of dredge pumps

Whether operating in challenging hard rock surroundings or just as demanding clay or silt operation we will have a fitting dredge pump in our full range of dredge pump types and sizes.

Type of dredge pumps

We can deliver the following type of dredge pumps or slurry pumps:

  • Conventional pumps for less demanding dredging and slurry operations
  • High-efficiency pumps to improve the cost-effectiveness of production, available in low, medium and high pressure types
  • Cutterspecial® pumps with a larger ball passage for operating in situation blockage of the pumps can be expected
  • Jet Special pumps for jet water application

Different kind of executions

The slurry pumps can be executed in three types of constructions and delivered in all sizes. For every application there is a fitting execution and with over 2.000 dredge pumps delivered these executions have proven their value.

  • Heavy Duty
    A double-walled dredge pump construction fully equipped with replaceable wear parts. Excellent configuration for the most demanding of operations.
  • Performance
    A single-walled construction furnished with, where possible, replaceable wear parts. An all-purpose dredge pump and balanced option as regards weight, size and replaceable wear parts.
  • Easy
    For operations that are less demanding. This is a single-walled construction with an integrated cover - a slurry pump construction with as few components as possible.

Additionally our QuaZar execution is available as an intermediate construction, mostly for use under water where weight reduction is necessary, while maintaining the robustness of the Heavy Duty execution to a certain extent.

All configurations are available for onboard, inboard, submerged and booster applications, and with suction diameters ranging from 240 to 1,400mm.

Dredge pumps executions

Custom-built designs for specific needs

Besides the broad range of dredge pump types and sizes there is always the possibility of a fully or partly custom-made slurry pump or dredge pump. In case of very specific needs a custom-built dredge pump could be the best option.

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