Delta Multi Craft workboat in short

This multipurpose heavy-duty workboat is an all-round supporter and can perform a wide range of dredging support activities in shallow inland waters. This includes pushing and towing, buoy  and anchor handling and the transportation of fuel, goods and personnel.

Why choose our Delta Multi Craft workboat?

  • available from stock
  • perfect fit with Beaver® series
  • enables high uptime on your dredging site
  • can be transported by road
  • deck crane and other advanced equipment come standard.

Available from stock

When your dredging project requires additional assistance in the operation the workboat is at your disposal with fast delivery from our stock.

    Delta Multi Craft workboat towing Beaver

    Perfect fit with Beaver® series

    The equipment, auxiliary systems and over all dimensions of the Delta Multi Craft series are in line with the required support operations of the Beaver® CSD series.

    Enables high uptime on your dredging site

    Our workboats can perform all supporting operations for your Beaver® CSD to maximise the deployability on the dredging project:

    • hoisting cutterhead and pump parts
    • bouy and anchor handling
    • floating pipeline handling
    • towing
    • fuel bunkering
    • delivering stores
    • crew changes

    Can be transported by road

    The top of the wheelhouse can be dismantled easily to reduce the height of the workboat for transportation.

    Deck crane and other advanced equipment come standard

    The basic of the standard workboats are always comprehensive equipped with a robust deck crane and auxiliary winch.

    Delta Multi Craft DMC workboat 1050
    Delta Multi Craft 1050
    Delta Multi Craft DMC workboat 1450
    Delta Multi Craft 1450

    Delta Multi Craft and Beaver®: the perfect couple 

    Delta Multi Craft Workboat 1050 1450
    Designed for Beaver® Beaver® 30, 40, 45, 50 Beaver® 50, 65 DDSP
    Length x breadth (m) 10.4 x 4.05 14.7 x 6.0
    Installed power (kW) 165 2 x 207
    Bollard pull (kN, approx.) 16 55
    Deck crane SWL (kNm) 81 410

    More information?

    Delta Multi Craft workboat handling floating pipeline

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