Beaver® in short

Beaver® CSDs are reliable, fuel efficient, have low maintenance costs and are extremely productive at all dredging depths. We have a proven track record of 60 years, with almost 1,000 of these cutter suction dredgers supplied worldwide since 1963.

Over the years, the design of our Beaver® is continuously improved using the latest technological developments and feedback from our customers. Innovations and digital solutions are added - such as electrification and operations monitoring solutions - which improves operational efficiency and a sustainable performance. 

These dredgers are capable of dredging compacted soil types and materials, such as clay and rock. High accuracy and a continuous rate of production ensure that our Beaver® vessels are ideal for many dredging jobs, such as land reclamation and the construction of new harbour basins and canals.  

Why choose a Beaver® dredger
  • reliability due to high maximum uptime and high performance
  • lifetime product support with unique dredging expertise at any moment of production
  • short delivery time, available from stock 
  • opportunity of customer financing 
    • best value for money, lowest cost per m3.
    Our new electrical Beaver® family

    The future is electric!

    We are expanding our portfolio with electrical Beavers®. 

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    Beaver 60 years

    Celebrating 60 years of Beaver® dredgers

    In 1963, we delivered our first Beaver® dredger. Now, we're proud to announce the upcoming delivery of our 1000th Beaver® CSD. With modern tech and customer feedback, we've continuously improved the design to boost operational efficiency and sustainability.

    Discussing with the Beaver® portfolio with our client

    A total solution for your challenges

    We provide a complete portfolio of standard modular products and services, with which we fulfill the complete range of basic dredging client needs. We not only offer a Beaver® dredger; customised to our client’s needs we provide a unique, full solution, making a combination of suitable standard modular products and a wide range of services.

    With option packages (e.g. depth extension), equipment (e.g. Boosters and floating pipelines) and work boats. All of this comes with an aftermarket service and possibility to train operators and provide consultancy on projects to support our clients to enhance their operational efficiency. Some of these services are included in the basic package, such as operations monitoring, training, certain spare parts and there is the option to work with a dredge master for a month. 

    Auxiliary equipment

    DMC Workboat 1450

    Additional equipment options include:  

    Additional services

    Our maintenance services

    We offer services applicable for:  

    Operations Monitoring: Insight is the essence of efficiency

    Understanding how an asset performs is vital in order to maximise operational efficiency and earning potential. Through the use of data driven intelligence we provide this insight and control for your Beaver® dredger. Operational data is presented in an easy-to-understand dashboard, available on both desktop and mobile. 

    All new built Beavers® come with three year access to our Operations Monitoring dashboard, consultancy support and first line support. With our hardware retrofit packages (one-time fee) it is also suitable for existing Beaver® dredgers that meet certain technical criteria. After the 3-year access period we can extend the support period by a further 3 years.

    Learn more about Operations Monitoring

    Eye image as symbol for operations monitoring

    Innovation developments

    Our Beaver® dredgers are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and already offer some key features:  

    • dismountable and transportable over land
    • suitable for single-handed operations
    • low emissions and environmentally-friendly operation

    Current developments on the basic products focus on a sustainable performance and improved operational efficiency, including:

    • electrification
    • asset compliance for environmental legislation
    • digital solutions, for example online operations support and spare parts ordering.
    Royal IHC's Beaver 50 dredger in operation
    Beaver® 50
    Royal IHC's Beaver 40 in operation
    Beaver® 40

    Available Beaver® types

    The standardised series is available with a dredging depth ranging from 6-18 metres and a suction pipe diameter ranging from 300-650mm. Optional extras include increased dredging depths, anchor booms, spud carriage installations, swivel bends, and automation. 

    Beaver® Beaver 30 Beaver 40 Beaver 45 Beaver 50 Beaver B65 DDSP
    Total power   294 kW 483 kW 895 kW 1350 kW 2819 kW
    Cutter power   30 kW 52 kW 110 kW 170 kW 700 kW (max)
    Dredging depth    6 m 8 m 10 m 14 m 18 m
    Pipe diameter    310 mm 390 mm 450 mm 500 mm 650 mm
    Matching work boat DMC 1050 DMC 1050 DMC 1050 DMC 1050/1450 DMC 1450

    Your project, our solution

    Beavers® can be used for a wide range of dredging projects. They reclaim land from the sea, dredge entrance channels, and create or extend harbours by removing soil from land. They are also used to clean up pollution and silt from rivers, lakes and canals. 


    Since 1963, we have supplied almost 1000 Beaver® dredgers worldwide.

    Historic overview of the innovations in our Beaver® vessels
    Historic Beaver® cutter suction dredger
    Beaver® series: all vessel types next to each other

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    IHC Beaver standard cutter dredger

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