Custom-built TSHDs in short

A custom trailing suction hopper dredging (TSHD) can vary from basic and compact to large state-of-the-art designs. Your specific requirements for execution and performance are brought together with our technological and operational know-how to create an optimised, fit-for-purpose vessel. 

At IHC Dredging we have been able to realise a long and proven track record, with over 300 custom-built TSHDs, by working closely with our customers on superior bespoke dredging solutions.

Why choose our TSHDs?

  • custom design to match specific requirements
  • design freedom suiting innovative technology
  • intensive cooperation throughout customer journey
  • outperforming in operational efficiency.
Custom-built TSHD Crestway | Boskalis

Custom design to match specific requirements

To meet all your specific requirements that can’t be met with a standardised hopper dredger, we are able to design and build custom vessel. Our expertise is translating your specific needs into a fit-for-purpose vessel proposition that offers the lowest total cost of ownership. Our vast design and shipbuilding experiences gives us the solid fundaments for custom solutions. Each unique design consist of a well-balanced combination of proven concepts and technologies.

Design freedom suiting innovative technology

The flexibility of a custom-built TSHD provides design freedom to optimally incorporate technical innovations. Think here of the use of alternative fuels, advanced drive trains and innovative mission equipment such as our newly developed loading and unloading systems for the marine aggregate dredgers to ultimately provide a competitive edge. We are at the forefront of building state of the art dredging vessels and we have proven to successfully implement new technologies and shifting the boundaries.

Intensive cooperation throughout customer journey

We are committed to helping you achieve your goals. This is achieved by acquiring a fundamental understanding of your operational requirements and a constant evaluation of the design developments against given requirements. Systems and components are assessed in close cooperation throughout the design and construction process to ensure all considerations are efficiently integrated for optimal performance of the vessel.

Custom-built TSHD Vox Maxima | Van Oord
Custom-built TSHD Breughel | DEME

Operational efficiency

Getting the highest possible operational efficiency by maximising the vessel performance with minimum resources is what we are after. This is achieved by an optimal integration of fuel efficient propulsion and dredging systems with state of the art automation.

High uptimes and minimal maintenance are obtained in part by our robust custom vessel designs, quality of construction and the availability of a wide variety of global services and support. Maximising the operational efficiency also contributes to a high sustainable performance. Reducing fuel consumption and related exhaust gas emissions are key factors in our sustainability efforts.

More information?

  • Jacob Anema


    Product Manager Custom-built TSHD

Custom-built TSHD Gerardus Mercator | Jan de Nul

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