For any phase in the mining life cycle, Royal IHC provides high-quality equipment and engineering and advisory services. We offer innovative solutions that are fully tailored to specific commodity requirements.

We have a proven track record of solutions for mineral sands, tailings rehabilitation, oil sands, gold, diamonds, tin and other commodities. With more than a century of experience in the mining sector, our expertise includes wet mining, slurry transportation, materials handling and mineral treatment solutions.

At IHC, people and safety come first. This principle is thoroughly embedded in our strategy and culture. We are aware of the impact we have on people and the planet, and we take the responsibility that comes with it seriously. We design our equipment with the highest care for the environment and conduct our business with integrity.

Mining consultancy

Royal IHC services are tailored to the exploration and mining of specific commodities. Our expertise includes resource evaluation, lab test work, feasibility studies, mining method analysis and performance improvement.

We provide independent metallurgical services with a physical characterisation lab and bulk processing capability.



Dredge and deep-sea mining

Royal IHC is the market leader for the design and manufacture of efficient, integrated vessels. We supply mining dredgers as either standalone units that are fully integrated, as well as static or floating mineral processing facilities, together with automation and control systems to optimise operations.

IHC focuses on integrated mining solutions for the wet, marine and deep-sea mining market segments. Through our integrated approach, we focus on achieving the highest levels of efficiency while minimising costs over the total mining life cycle.



Mineral separation equipment

As a leading mining equipment supplier, we deliver and support a specialist range of cost-efficient mineral processing solutions for mining projects (dry and wet). Our equipment is of the highest quality and proven to be reliable, even in the most difficult environments. This includes lab test work, plant design, project engineering, equipment supply and complete plants.



Tailings re-handling and reprocessing

Tailings deposits are found everywhere in the world where there is ongoing or legacy mining activity. These deposits can present challenges, but can also hold interesting opportunities. Either way, sustainable re-handling and reprocessing of tailings is becoming a more prominent part of mining operations. 
IHC understands that tailings management requires a careful approach and integrated solutions in which all aspects relating to re-handling, water management and reprocessing are taken into account in a sustainable way. We offer a complete range of studies, and engineering and equipment solutions, to support mining companies in addressing the ever-increasing challenges associated with tailings. 



Downloads Mining

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  • Royal IHC Mining - Tailings Management Solutions (English)


Mining videos

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