Dredge mining

Integrated services and equipment for the dredge and marine mining markets

Royal IHC is your ideal partner for wet mining, construction, operation and rehabilitation in all commodities. Through our integrated approach, we focus on achieving the highest levels of efficiency and minimising costs over the total mining life cycle. 
  • Excellent track record for integrated mining solutions
  • Expertise in conversion from dry to wet mining
  • The market leader in dredging equipment
  • High unit capacity levels compared to dry mining equipment
  • Lowest cost per tonne mined

Specialised equipment for land-based and nearshore mining


  • Mineral mining: our dredgers can be customised to work in conjunction with treatment plants. For example, by using special automation control algorithms.
  • Overburden removal: dredgers deployed in a mining environment can be tailored to infrastructure. For example, by electric power supply.
  • Tailings re-handling: standard dismountable dredgers for specific rehabilitation purposes.
  • Marine mining: dedicated vessels based on IHC’s knowledge of the dredging, offshore, marine and mining industries.

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