Floating pump stations

IHC Robbins’ floating pump stations negate the need to install excessive concrete on remote mine sites.

IHC Robbins has recognised the cost restrictions associated with the installation of excessive concrete on remote mine sites. As a result, it has developed a range of floating pump stations.


  • Innovative and compact floating pump stations
  • Tailored engineering
  • Maximising efficiencies and minimising operating costs

Floating pump stations are available in three (3) main configurations to suit both high- and low-level process water dam conditions:

• narrow bridge with single pump unit
• wide bridge with dual pump units
• shore-based pump unit with floating suction (best suited for tails return duties).

All floating pump stations are fabricated in large transportable assemblies with off-shore fabrication options available, pending quantity and delivery location.

Pump selection

Pump selection for specific duties is provided by IHC Robbins and can accommodate a range of pump manufacturers. Pipe system calculations are also available upon request.

Pump suctions can be either lined or unlined, pending water quality conditions. Submersed suctions are fitted with foot valves for priming and supplied with a local priming tank to ensure that suctions are always primed and ready for action.

Pump stations can be powered from mains off-grid supply or alternatively via a land-based diesel generator set.

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