Hydrographic presentation system (DTPS)

Accurate and easy-to-use tool for the design, planning and execution of marine operations

The hydrographic presentation system (DTPS) enables operators to view real-time, absolute-position updates of the bathymetric electronic chart by the vessel’s equipment, for example a draghead.
  • Seamless data exchange with survey systems
  • Integrated with mission equipment control systems
  • Dedicated operator and surveyor mode
  • User-friendly touch screen

Main features

The DTPS has the following benefits:

  • suitable for dredging and offshore operations
  • integration with DP/DT, STPM®, DPM®, DLM®, XPM®, for example
  • calculations based on environmental sensors such as Gyro, DGPS-RTK, USBL, tidal and echo sounders
  • hydrographic survey capabilities
  • user defined matrix, such as density or soil properties
  • 2D- and 3D-viewer
  • ECS possibilities
  • standard on IHC vessels.

3D-viewer: for maximum visibility

The additional 3D-viewer facilitates the accurate positioning and operation of dragheads, cutterheads, pipelines, pipeline covers, jackets and templates – among others – in the correct location on the seafloor and in waterways.

These features allow for efficient, accurate and safe missions, and reduce spillage, fuel consumption and emissions, as well as minimise risks in seafloor construction. This is achieved by the real-time, 3D presentation of the operating vessel and its equipment against the Digital Terrain Model (DTM).

3D viewer

  • 3D viewer

  • Hydrographic presentation system 3D viewer

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