Fluid Bed Dryers in short

Together with Pyromak, we have joined forces to become a leading global service provider and supplier of Fluid Bed Dryers (FBD). With a unique mix of world-class expertise and surety in delivery, we provide customised FBD solutions for a diverse range of commodities, tailored to suit your specific operational requirements.

Why choose our equipment? 
  • various capacities and sizes ranges (*)
  • significant reduction in fuel and power consumption
  • applications suitable for different industries and commodities
  • minimised loss of fine materials.

(*) Throughout capacities from 1.0tph to 400tph of solids and FBD sizes range from 0.5m to 5m floor plate diameter

Overview of (elements of) fluid fed dryers
Top, left to right: FB Dryer, Electric Dryer & Cooler with integrated bag house. Bottom: Dryer & Cooler systems

Optimal design

FBDs are designed to remove moisture content from any fluidisable bulk material. Designs of the dryers, coolers and heaters is based on the Fluidised Bed principle. Material in a fluidised state behaves as a liquid. It flows over and under weirs, maintains a level surface and exerts a hydrostatic head proportional to the bed depth.

The IHC Mining – Pyromak FBD have minimum rotating parts allowing very low installation and maintenance costs. Fluidising, combustion, and exhaust fan have no contact with the fluidised material which reduces consumables and wearable parts.

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    General Manager IHC Mining Australia

A fluid bed dryer

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