Custom-built vessel in short

Our dredge mining vessels can be customised to work in various projects. 

Why choose our vessels? 

  • Excellent track record for integrated mining solutions
  • Expertise in conversion from dry to wet mining
  • The market leader in dredging equipment
  • Lowest cost per tonne mined
Onshore wet mining - Millenium mineral sands
Onshore wet mining - Millenium mineral sands
Salt mining vessel wheel dredge
Salt mining vessel - Wheel dredge


  • Mineral mining
    Our dredgers can be customised to work in conjunction with treatment plants. For example, by using special automation control algorithms.
  • Overburden removal
    Dredgers deployed in a mining environment can be tailored to infrastructure. For example, by electric power supply.
  • Tailings re-handling
    Standard dismountable dredgers for specific rehabilitation purposes.
  • Marine mining
    Dedicated vessels based on IHC Mining’s knowledge of the dredging, offshore, marine and mining industries.
Custom built vessel APC Al Kamarah
Cutter Suction Dredger AL KAMARAH
Custom-built vessel APC AL JARASH
Cutter Suction Dredger AL JARASH

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CSD jARASH in dead sea

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