Royal IHC has been awarded a contract to modify McDermott International Inc.’s pipelay and construction vessel AMAZON. It includes the delivery of an innovative and complete J-lay system to the Houston-based company. The contract was signed by McDermott’s Global Vice President Marine Assets & Operations Alan Marriott and Royal IHC’s Executive Director Services Diederik van Rijn.

Turnkey solution
Royal IHC will be responsible for the overall management of the modification project, from the design through to the integration of the new equipment. It includes the build and installation of the Royal IHC-designed and patented J-lay system, and associated onboard multi-joint factory, modifications to the ship’s structures, and the removal and replacement of the equipment and commissioning.  

“We are delighted to have entered into this partnership with McDermott,” says Diederik van Rijn. “We have been working together for some time to develop the concept of this class-leading integrated pipelay vessel, based on innovative Royal IHC technology. The project showcases Royal IHC’s ability to combine our expertise to create integrated, customised solutions for our customers. We look forward to working together with McDermott to bring our joint vision to life.”

“We are setting a new benchmark for installing a multi-joint J-lay system in a vessel of this size,” adds Royal IHC’s Executive Director Mission Equipment Paul Hardisty. “Our novel approach for this J-lay system will be a game-changer in the market. We have been working on a collaborative and transparent approach with McDermott from the early tower concept stage to ensure that we deliver a solution that meets their expectations.”
Fully integrated J-lay tower 
The physical modifications comprise the removal of the existing pipelay system and its replacement with a new J-lay system with a top dynamic capacity of 1,500 tonnes. The J-lay system will be able to handle every variety of pipe including normal flowlines, export lines, and various pipe-in-pipe configurations, ranging in size from 4.5 to 24 inches with wall thicknesses approaching 2 inches. 

“The extensive use of existing proven technology and process automation, combined with early collaboration with the system designers, means we expect to have a very efficient and cost effective asset,” says Alan Marriott. “The AMAZON will provide a key enabling asset within the McDermott fleet and will allow us to compete on a global basis for the major deepwater/ultra-deepwater projects. The vessel is designed to be self-sufficient, allowing easy transition from project to project. The vessel is expected to provide pull through opportunities for the rest of the McDermott subsea fleet.”

Once the modifications are complete, the AMAZON will meet the industry’s requirement for pipelay and construction in the ultra-deepwater market. 

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