Royal IHC has recently completed simulator training for the dredging crew of the Irrigation Department of the Government of Thailand. This training programme was held following the sale of two IHC Beaver® 40 vessels.

The crew members of both dredgers were able to improve their operational skills by using a CSD simulator and also took part in classes on dredging theory. Both training courses were set up to ensure a smooth start-up of dredging operations. The extensive programme consisted of lessons about safety, the design of the IHC Beaver® 40, control elements, dredging procedures, practical issues, hydraulic transport, production, soil and finally, the procedure for making a dredge plan.

Dredge masters Wisittisak Suttipituk and Kant Paepon of the Irrigation department are pleased with the effects of the training: “We feel very well prepared after the simulator training. We have got a good feeling for the equipment now and we are convinced that we are able to operate it in a highly productive and safe manner.”   

The training took place at the premises of Royal IHC’s partner Frontline in Thailand, where the CSD simulator will stay for the coming years. This partnership enables Royal IHC to provide training courses to local dredging crews whenever necessary.

The two IHC Beaver® 40s are currently on their way to Thailand and will be commissioned shortly. The Irrigation Department of the Thai Government will use them for the maintenance of rivers, lakes and canals in the north and south of the country.

Royal IHC often provides training courses with the sale of equipment. Having a well-educated crew, in terms of operational skills and theoretical dredging knowledge, helps ensure that the equipment is used in the most optimal, efficient and safe way.

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