Kalypso Offshore Energy is joining forces with Royal IHC to design and build America’s first Jones Act compliant cable lay vessel (CLV) for the offshore wind sector.  

Responding to the growing demand for renewables in the USA, Kalypso – an emerging contractor in the U.S. offshore wind industry - is currently developing America’s first dedicated U.S. flagged Cable Lay Vessel (CLV), which will be brought to the market in 2028. This state-of-the-art vessel adheres to U.S. legislation for domestic maritime trade. 

Kalypso offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for the design, transport, installation, and maintenance of subsea cables. This includes the CLV, which assures safe, versatile, and efficient cable laying services, covering installation, repair, and maintenance capabilities. 

Kalypso CLV view on deck
Kalypso CLV from the front

1st U.S. flag, Jones Act compliant CLV

The Jones act is a federal law that regulates maritime commerce in the United States. By reducing reliance on foreign-built and operated vessels, this undertaking by Kalypso strengthens the domestic offshore energy supply chain and supports the U.S. government’s renewable energy goals. 

The vessel’s versatility and efficiency make it an invaluable asset for a wide range of offshore projects, fostering economic growth and job creation within the U.S. maritime industry.

Kalypso is thrilled to partner with Royal IHC to design and deliver America’s first Cable Lay Vessel built on U.S. soil dedicated to offshore wind. Kalypso’s CLV will enhance the nation's offshore energy prospects and foster local economic growth.

Colin Smith - Managing Director of Kalypso

Collaboration in vessel design

To address these and various other specific needs, Royal IHC offers a wide range of design services, including concept, basic, and detailed design. Meticulously integrated with mission equipment, these services ensure that vessel designs are not only versatile but also sustainable and efficient. 

In our collaboration with Kalypso, we are designing an integrated, multi-use vessel, tailored to support diverse offshore project requirements. These include export cable lay, inter-array, fiber optic installations, repair, maintenance, and cable burial. The design offers a smaller, more efficient platform with enhanced cable handling, laying and burial capabilities.  

The vessel is also equipped with an energy efficient propulsion system and a battery hybrid power generation system designed to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. These systems ensure that all operations comply with stringent environmental regulations and support environmental conservation efforts.

Moreover, our partnership extends beyond design, offering ongoing collaboration on engineering, and construction support at the US shipyard. 

Kalypso CLV from the top
Kalypso CLV with carousell cut out

Tailored solutions and support

Kalypso chose to collaborate with Royal IHC because of our design flexibility and ability to meet their unique requirements. Additionally, they greatly appreciate the comprehensive approach offered by us: the fact that they can discuss vessel design and the design of the cable lay system, and cable burial equipment with the same team, ensures a very efficient way of working.

Furthermore, our extensive and recent experience with building vessels in the U.S. and working with U.S. yards ensures a seamless process. 

This case illustrates our capacity to provide tailored, end-to-end support, opening avenues for additional assets in the US wind market.

The Kalypso CLV from the back
Kalypso CLV from the front
Kalypso CLV - per front

Impressive vessel features

  • Designed with the intended mission and people in mind, so they can do their jobs as safely, comfortable and efficiently as possible. 
  • Two carousels with dual product lay lines resulting in a combined cable capacity of 5,000t
  • Customised CPS storage and handling system
  • Dedicated enclosed cable splicing area for cable joints and repairs
  • Knuckle boom heave-compensated crane
  • Onboard deep-water trencher
  • Additional facilities, such as a cinema, workshops, helicopter reception, sky lounge, gymnasium, hospital
  • Principal dimensions of the vessel: a length of 115 meters, a beam of 23.5 meters and a draft of 7.5 meters.

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Kalypso CLV design at the water

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