Efficient cable burial

The power cable plough is specifically designed for the efficient burial of cables in shallow water. It features a robust chassis that can withstand tow forces up to 180t, to provide cable burial in hard seabed conditions. The power cable plough has a proven track record for cable burial across a number of offshore projects. 

  • raked share design maximising trench depth and plough stability 
  • symmetrical share design reduces tow force 
  • crane launch option available 
  • battery powered version available to reduce deck equipment and catenary handling requirements.

Innovative share design

Unlike other ‘vertical  knife’ ploughs, the forward rake of the Royal IHC plough share creates an additional down force during operation. This ensures consistent and reliable product burial, even in stiff clays and sands. 

Battery or umbilical powered plough

As well as the standard umbilical powered plough, Royal IHC have developed a battery powered option. This would eliminate any associated cost with an umbilical e.g. winch, flotation buoys, installation, etc. as well as freeing up deck space and reducing operational complexity and risk. 




Water Depth

0 to 100m

Trench Depth

Standard Configuration:             Up to 3.3m (0o aft pitch)

Soil Strength

Down to 5kPa (minimal skid sinkage) – Ploughing

Weight in Air

Approx. 35t

Dimensions (Skids Raised)

Length: 12.2 m (skids fully lowered)

Width:  5.2 m

Height: 5.4 m (top of bellmouth)

Max. Tow Force

  • Up to 150t (sustained force in normal operation)
  • Up to 180t (onset of yield at peak force)

Vertical Tow Angle

0-15o at max. tow force


Up to 300mm diameter cable

Cable Min. Bend Radius (MBR)

4m (bellmouth, share and depressor)

Depth Control

Hydraulically adjustable from 0-3.3m trench depth by moving the skid arm, remotely controlled from surface

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