Minimising downtime between vessel operation days with efficient and safe equipment mobilisation and demobilisation, planned and executed by our experienced teams. 

We coordinate all onsite services for the effective and economical mobilisation, installation and testing of equipment ready for operation.  Once equipment operations have been completed, our team will then demobilise the equipment, preparing for storage and preservation once again.

All documentation required for the safe mobilisation and commissioning of equipment is authored by our team, this includes items such as:

  • lift plans 
  • story boards 
  • permits of work 
  • risk assessment documentation 
  • test plan and site acceptance documentation.

Our service teams work shoulder to shoulder with our new build commissioning teams and therefore have an unparalleled depth of knowledge of the equipment. With our proven track record, and access to all original technical documentation and plans, you can rest assured that our team will have your equipment ready to go on schedule.

Welder commissioning equipment

What we can offer

  • coordinated team with vast experience of mobilising equipment internationally 
  • storage and preservation for modular equipment which is used on vessels of opportunity
  • ability to fully integrate new equipment into existing systems 
  • full test and commissioning program in accordance with customer specification.

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