Built from stock

Royal IHC has delivered an Easydredge® 2700 trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) to SEMAR (Secretaria de Marina) at the Port of Veracruz in Mexico. The BAHIA SAN CARLOS was built from stock at the Krimpen aan de IJssel and Kinderdijk shipyards in the Netherlands. Being built from the stock program allowed Royal IHC to comply with SEMAR’s request for an ultra-short delivery time. 

Following successful sea trials in the North Sea in October, the new vessel was delivered on time on 16 December for deployment on a national maintenance programme by the Mexican Navy. This will involve deepening rivers on the country’s east coast and helping to prevent flooding in Tabasco.

Benefits from:

  • short lead times
  • cost-effective
  • quick delivery
  • equipped to perform all normal dredging operations
  • easy to operate.

The BAHIA SAN CARLOS was outfitted with standard options as well as client specific modifications including a hydrographic presentation system (DTPS) and the Operations Monitoring application for onshore monitoring and supporting of the operation. In line with the Royal IHC philosophy to remain engaged with their client during the operations, as a total solution partner, extensive training for the crew has been provided and spare parts for the vessel supplied.  

The relation with SEMAR dates back to the eighties when they first purchased dredger the Ciudad del Carmen. 

Ronald van Son

Last year SEMAR purchased a Beaver® from Royal IHC and recognises its vast experience and proven track record in the dredging market. The fast delivery time of less than a year was a crucial factor in its decision to order the Easydredge®. This project has run very smoothly, and everything has gone according to schedule.

Ronald van Son - Director Dredging Custom Vessels

SEMAR also recognises the quality and added value provided by Royal IHC, particularly in terms of training and spare parts. Project Manager Jan Willem Stuurman says: “We had an excellent relationship with the new crew – they were really enthusiastic about the vessel and commented on the high level of quality.”

The BAHIA SAN CARLOS is the sixth Easydredge® vessel to be sold by Royal IHC and the company believes demand for its modular TSHDs will increase further. The line-up comprises four vessel sizes: Easydredge®700, 1700, 2700 and 3700, which range in volume from 500 to 4,000m3. 


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