Royal IHC delivers 3,000m³ TSHD to the Port Authority of Douala

News published on
27 August 2020
On 20 August, Royal IHC (IHC) handed over the 3,000m³ trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) MONT MANDARA to Cameroon’s Port Authority of Douala (PAD). This successful delivery completes the PAD fleet, following its acquisition of an IHC Beaver 50® cutter suction dredger and a DMC work boat in 2019. 

The new TSHD is an IHC Easydredge® from IHC’s popular standardised range of dredging vessels, which are ideal for common maintenance and land reclamation projects. The MONT MANDARA offers exceptional flexibility to PAD as it can be customised to adapt to its dedicated working environment. Initially, it will be used to execute vital dredging work to maintain the access channel to the port of Douala-Bonabéri.

Thanks to the high level of cooperation between IHC and PAD, the TSHD was delivered extremely quickly following the effectiveness of the contract in March this year. The new vessel was constructed in Poland, and sea trials were completed in the Baltic Sea and off the Dutch coast, following delivery in The Netherlands. 

In addition to the delivery of MONT MANDARA, IHC will also supply a spare parts package, ancillary equipment and extensive training to support PAD’s technical staff. “We are delighted to continue our excellent partnership with PAD with the quick delivery of this latest vessel,” says Arne de Kock, IHC’s Executive Commercial Director. “At IHC, we remain fully committed to supporting and increasing the capacity of our customers in their dredging activities.”


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