The importance of data in dredging operations

Operational efficiency

The importance of data in dredging operations

Crucial in ensuring profitability and uptime in dredging operations is monitoring asset performance and production. Increased connectivity, the Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence allows you to collect and process large amounts of data to monitor and improve operations and benchmark performance.

Operations monitoring

Monitor vessel performance

With operational data from your dredgers, you can make better-informed decisions and monitor your dredging operations. Are your production and fuel consumption in line with your plans? And are you anticipating on downtime? Our digital solution, Operations Monitoring, provides you with the operational data from your vessels to give you an insight into how your dredgers are performing and benchmark it.

Condition monitoring

Data-driven asset maintenance

Data from sensors on your dredger can provide insight into defects and determine the best time to carry out maintenance. Condition monitoring provides an in-depth understanding of the dredger's condition. You can minimise unexpected downtime, keep projects on time and reduce maintenance costs. 

Blog | The value of data in dredging

Dashboard performance

A number of factors influence the performance and profitability of dredging operations. It's a complex process. Our latest innovation blog, discusses the importance of data-driven decisions in dredging. Read all about the many opportunities that are created by the use of reliable data.

Blog | Autonomous dredging operations powered by data

Trailing suction hopper dredger digital

More complex tasks are being supported from shore due to the shortage of skilled labour and by reducing human error and costs. The road to (semi) autonomous operations will be fuelled by data. Read more about the developments in our innovation blog Autonomous dredgers on the horizon.

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