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IHC Mining's trailing excavator cable reeler is an attachment for electric powered excavators. It has been designed to handle the electric trailing cable during an excavator’s in-pit manoeuvres.

Our robust solution has the following advantages: 

  • maximised manoeuvrability through its unique design with a large departure angle and optimised ground clearance 
  • increased drum capacity able to hold 250m live-cable length, creating a bigger travel range from your power source
  • low maintenance solution, resulting in more uptime.

Full control for safe manoeuvres

By utilising the reel during an excavator's in-pit manoeuvres, there are minimal requirements to manually move the cable. The reeler guarantees a constant tension on the cable at all times, and reduces the risk of being crushed or damaged while the excavator is operational. As a result, the trailing cable has a longer lifespan and excavator uptime is improved.

IHC Mining's trailing cable reeler is designed to make excavator operations as safe as possible. With its unique, fully automated constant tension function, it provides the highest level of control. In addition, it is possible to adjust the cable tension to ensure the highest degree of accuracy. Optimal tension will be set up during factory testing, but can be adjusted to ensure sufficient tension for operation while still protecting the cable against excessive tension.

The system also caters for a potential free operator warning interface contact, which can be incorporated into the excavators monitoring system if available. This feature warns the operator of any obstructions that are not visible. This is achieved by employing a collision detection bumper bar, which is fitted to the rear of the cable reeler. The operator is also notified, by means of a limit switch, when the drum is nearing empty or full.

Installation of an EX3600E trailing cable reeler
Installation of an EX3600E trailing cable reeler
Installation of an EX2600E-6 M250 trailing cable reeler
Installation of an EX2600E-6 M250 trailing cable reeler

Customised for specific excavators and mining conditions

IHC Mining’s trailing cable reeler can be adapted to an excavator from any manufacturer and either fitted onto the machine itself or installed as a separate skid-mounted unit. The system is tailored to the demanding conditions associated with mining and can accommodate a variety of medium voltage trailing cables.

The device is fully electric and has no need for an external power base or hydraulics. It is robust and able to withstand harsh winter conditions as well as extreme heat. The trailing cable reeler is a cost-effective solution that offers several other benefits, including:

  • no hydraulics
  • high equipment reliability
  • lower maintenance costs
  • built-in safety features assist the operator* to reduce the risk of damage to the unit and excavator.
  • a quick installation time
  • adjustable tension control
  • increased cable life expectancy

The trailing cable reeler package includes an on-site training programme for operators and global technical life-cycle support.

Technical specifications

Mechanical specifications


Cable (live length)



Cable diameter



Maximum permitted tension



Drum diameter



Maximum line speed




Hitachi Dimensions




4597 x 2333 x 1437



4633 x 3272 x 1514



Electrical Specifications


MV System Voltage






Maximum continuous current



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Cable reeler EX3600-6 M250

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