Royal IHC and Karnafuly Ship Builders Ltd (KSBL) in Bangladesh have signed contracts for the design, engineering and hardware of four cutter suction dredgers (CSDs). These four mono-pontoon custom-built CSDs (2x 700 mm and 2x 600 mm) will be built in Bangladesh by KSBL for Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA). In addition, Royal IHC will provide yard assistance for the installation, testing and commissioning of the equipment and the CSDs.

The four CSDs will be used by BIWTA for maintenance dredging in Bangladesh. Ronald van Son, director Dredging Custom Vessels at Royal IHC on the contract, “We have been collaborating with governmental bodies in Bangladesh, such as BIWTA, since 1971. Providing our vessels, equipment and expertise to help Bangladesh fight the constant battle against flooding and keep its waterways navigable in dry season. Becoming the technical partner of KSBL in the construction of these four CSDs is a confirmation of the close and long standing relationship with the dredging industry in Bangladesh, and our added value in overcoming challenges caused by the monsoons.”

  Overall length Width Dredging depth
CSD - 600 mm 53.5 10 17
CSD - 700 mm 73.5 14 20

In 2016, Royal IHC delivered packages for design, engineering, components and yard assistance to KSBL, for the construction of 10 CSDs (500 mm and 650 mm). In addition, more than 100 standard modular dredging vessels (Beaver®), workboats and booster stations have been delivered by Royal IHC to the Bangladesh public and private sector over the past fifty years. These vessels and equipment are still used nowadays for maintenance dredging in the waterways of Bangladesh.

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