After 19 months of building, trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) JUN YANG 1 left Kinderdijk on 15 August 2016. A ceremony to celebrate the on-time completion was held before the vessel set off for Guangzhou, China where she will be handed over to CCCC Guangzhou Dredging Company (GDC). JUN YANG 1, which has a hopper capacity of 21,393m3, is expected to arrive at her homeport at the end of September 2016. 

“Royal IHC is proud to have completed this flagship for our customer,” said Alexander van Noort, COO IHC. “We would like to express our appreciation to Mr Luo Rijia, Deputy Chief Engineer of CCCC GDC and his team of experts. The excellent cooperation between CCCC GDC and the IHC project team has resulted in the delivery of the largest TSHD in China. The JUN YANG 1 is the 21st vessel designed, constructed and delivered by IHC, or in close cooperation with Chinese ship yards, for CCCC GDC over the last 40 years.” 

Mr Luo Rijia said: “The new vessel will enable us to carry out capital dredging and land reclamation projects on the domestic and international markets in an efficient way.” 

Training programme
Prior to delivery of the vessel, the Royal IHC Training Institute offered a tailor-made training programme to a group of CCCC GDC crew members at Royal IHC's facilities and on board the vessel. Due to the high level of automation, the crew required a specialised operator course. 
The course was specially designed for the dredging process by Royal IHC so the crew could learn about the functioning and handling of the various systems on board, such as the complete Dynamic Positioning/Dynamic Tracking (DP/DT) system. 
By offering expert training courses, Royal IHC enabled the crew to open up the full potential of the vessel, and facilitate immediate operational readiness.

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