Floating hoses in short

Floating hose assemblies are used in combination with cutter suction dredgers as well as trailing suction hopper dredgers. We offer you standardised as well as custom designed hoses. By floating hose is meant: all items in a floating hose assembly with a length of 11800 mm. This also includes the connection/sinker hose.

Why choose our floating hoses?

  • customised configurations
  • dynamic analysis of required strength
  • proven Royal IHC quality.
Floating hose

Customised configurations

Before submitting a proposal, together with you, we investigate the most suitable configuration. We take into account the working conditions and soil types of your dredging or mining operation.

Dynamic analysis floating hoses

Dynamic analysis

A floating hose assembly has a free float functionality. We use our dynamic analysis software to design each item in the assembly in order to meet unlimited strength. With our dynamic analysis software we are able to calculate and visualise the behaviour of floating lines under different conditions (such as wave height and tide) thereby determining the theoretically necessary strength required for your operation.

Pressure floating hose

Proven Royal IHC quality

Your mission deserves the best possible package of tools. Every item in our portfolio, from ship to shore, must meet our high quality requirements to really contribute to your mission. That’s what you can expect from a world market leader.

Floating hoses that suits your soil

For an optimum lifetime, choose the floating hose that suits the type of soil you are going to process. We have regular floating hoses, which are made with a rubber wear liner and are most suitable for discharging less abrasive materials, such as clay and silt. For discharging rather abrasive slurries, such as sand and gravel choose our armoured floating hoses with high-tensile forged steel wear rings.


  Beaver®, Beagle® & Easydredge® (standard modular vessels) Custom-built & non-Royal IHC vessels
Internal diameter floating hoses 310 - 700 mm  200 - 1100 mm


Extensive portfolio of floating discharge lines

To fully serve you, we carry an extensive portfolio of auxiliary equipment from ship to shore. This means that we offer several options for floating pipelines, made of steel, HDPE and rubber in combination with bends, Y pieces, non-return valves, aeration valves and gate valves.

Floating discharge line assortiment
Connection / Sinker hose
Connection / sinker hose
Follow hose
Follow hose
Pipe float
Pipe float
Riser hose
Riser hose
Main line hose
Main line hose

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Floating hoses

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