Launch and recovery systems

We provide a range of launch and recovery systems (LARS) including A-Frame power cable lay LARS, Gantry LARS, Trencher LARS and submarine rescue vehicle LARS for fast and safe operations.

Tailored LARS solutions

Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS) are used to deploy and retrieve various types of vehicles and equipment in offshore and defence applications. 

Our LARS solutions are meticulously crafted to empower our customers to excel in their operations. Safety, efficiency, and reliability are at the forefront of our designs, aimed at optimising availability, reducing operational costs, and guaranteeing safe operations. 

What sets us apart is our renowned controls, seamlessly integrated design, and the capability to customise LARS to precisely match our clients' unique requirements. We tailor your LARS to fit specific mission requirements and vehicle specifications, carefully accounting for the demanding marine conditions and distinct operational needs. 

We're committed to ongoing innovation and excellence. With our expertise, we deliver comprehensive, all-in-one solutions tailored to elevate performance and success.

Key benefits

  • seamlessly incorporated design
  • tailored to meet client specifications 
  • renowed controls
  • a complete solution, all in-house.
Power cable lay LARS

Our LARS range

In the power and cable laying industry, we offer LARS solutions that seamlessly integrate with the IHC power and fiber optic cable ploughs. Our range also includes LARS for cable laying trenchers and jetting skids to streamline operations. Additionally, we provide specialised Gantry LARS for ROVs and submarine rescue vehicles, ensuring complete solutions for diverse marine needs.

Telecoms LARS

Proven track record

We have delivered systems for the cable laying sector, developing and deploying A-Frames alongside our best in class cable laying ploughs, and innovative range of trenchers. Similary, we have successfully delivered multiple world leading Submarine Rescue LARS.  

Offshore energy visual, vessel at sea

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